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The Manor House - A Charming Country Retreat

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The Manor House Country Hotel, Fermanagh's Charming Country Retreat 
Located in the heart of the Fermanagh Lakelands, close to the Enniskillen town centre but just far enough away to enjoy the tranquillity of the Lower Lough Erne shores. The hotel itself is quite large with just under 80 rooms yet still feels like a family run homely resort.

As soon as you enter the welcoming gates of the Manor House country hotel you really get a sense of relaxation. Driving past the large green gardens and getting a glimpse of the sun reflecting off the calm Lakeland's. On check in we were greeted by the front desk and even received a friendly call to the room when I clumsily forgot my drone bag at reception.

The hotel has a fairytale feel to it with a charming country house ambience, from the classic fireplaces to the vintage chandeliers, you almost feel like your in a medieval castle. 

The room itself was extremely spacious with a large living area that alone was bigger than my apartment's living room, it actually took much difficulty even getting a picture of the whole room as it was so enormous.  The living area came kitted out with a large TV, fridge, tea & coffee facilities, large table to work on, comfortable sofas and off course an incredible view of the Lakeland.

Leading on from the living area was the cosy bedroom with a sizeable bed that has more than enough room for three people never mind a couple. Looking out from the bed you have a large balcony that has some of the most scenic views we have seen from a hotel, we even managed to take off a drone from the balcony it was that large.

Yet the bedroom or living room wasn't even the best part of this hotel room, in the bathroom, you have two large sinks, a shower and the pièce de résistance the jacuzzi bathtub with a monitor to relax while watching some late night television.

The manor House doesn't just have amazing rooms though, the food is incredible as well. The hotel offers a variety of dining options; their AA Rosette Belleek Restaurant, Cellar Door Bar & Bistro & Watergate Bar. We especially loved the true Irish breakfast that was served up every morning with a smile that starts your day off perfectly.

After you have tickled your taste buds, the Manor country house offers numerous in-house facilities for all your needs, including a complete leisure centre with a large swimming pool, steam room, Jacuzzi, Sauna, fitness suite and Outdoor Hot Tub. Also on offer is a 9 Hole, Par 3 golf course, tennis court, pitch and putt and an option for a luxurious cruise around the Lakelands on the Lady of the Lake Cruiser.

Overall The Manor House country hotel really is a Northern Irish gem, it truly is a perfect relaxing retreat where you can arrive and not have to leave the comfort of the resort. The food is incredible even in the bar and the facilities are top class. When taking the price into account it really is a first class hotel even for the upgraded suites including breakfast it beats the price of many hotels yet has so much more to offer. The only issue we had was the internet which was slightly slow for our needs but for just scrolling social media or checking your emails it would do the job for most.

Price: £80-120 a night
Address: John Wesley Rd, Enniskillen BT94 1NY
More Info: Click Here

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Las Vegas

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Las Vegas known for its Risque nightlife and glamorous casino resorts that draw crowds from around the world but not just to gamble and gawp. In modern Las Vegas, top chefs dish up global flavours, while boutique hotels, fashion-forward shops, art galleries and chic clubs attract even gambling neophytes who can’t tell a full house from a flush.
Best Time to Visit
Las Vegas is perfect to visit Year-round. Many locals take flight during the searing-hot summers, but hotel resort pools and low, low hotel prices make summer a fabulous time to visit. It can get chilly in winter, but flower-filled conservatories make Vegas seasonless.
Las Vegas Transportation
Renting a car is generally inexpensive, though, for a higher price tag, you can rent Bentleys, Ferraris, and other luxury cars. Valet parking is free in the casinos (tip from $3). Rates for the Las Vegas Monorail, which runs from the MGM Grand to SLS Las Vegas and stops in seven places, start at $12 for a day pass.
Las Vegas Weather
July is the hottest month, with an average high of 106°F (41°C). December is the coldest month, with an average high of 58°F (14°C).
Know Before Visiting
Hotel prices rise and fall dramatically in relation to the massive conventions held in town, and many hotel companies show their rates on calendars several months out. Search the Las Vegas Convention Calendar to navigate around to get the best prices.

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Los Angeles

Published in Destinations

known as the city of angels and the hub for California, Los Angeles is the perfect place to explore. Filled with many mini cities, L.A needs to be travelled neighbourhood by neighbourhood. Make sure you have a beachside lunch in Santa Monica, go shopping in Beverly Hills, visit the Getty Center and stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but allow one day to explore each area. 
Best Time to Visit
Year-round. L.A. is the land of endless summers, and it’s always a wonderful place to escape for a dose of Southern Cali sunshine.
Los Angeles Transportation
It’s true that L.A. is most widely known for its car culture, but there are a variety of other ways to explore the city without having to get behind the wheel. Metro’s subway trains, light rail and buses ($1.75 per ride) transport hundreds of thousands daily, while numerous citywide bike paths welcome a growing number of cyclists.
Los Angeles Weather
December and January are the coolest months with an average temperature of 68°F (20°C). August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 84°F (28.3°C).
Know Before Visiting
January through April tend to see the lowest room rates and occupancy, meaning it’s a fine time to take advantage of deals and escape the cold weather for a slice of sunshine.

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Top Travel Hacks That'll Save You Time, Space, And Money

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Our Top Travel Hacks that'll Save You Time, Space, and Money
We have travelled in over 200 planes, 30 countries and 6 continents and we cold not count how many travel disasters we have had, but learning from our mistakes, we can give our top Travel hacks that’ll save you not only time and space but also money.

1. Carry a handy bag to increase hand luggage.

One of the simplest yet most effective hacks that we use almost every week on our travels is carrying a string bag or airport duty free bag with you when travelling as airplane fares are going down but airlines such as Easyjet are now limiting only one bag for hand luggage causing excessive charges for a passenger travelling with say a handbag and a hand luggage suitcase, but if you carry an airport duty free bag and put your handbag or other stuff in that they can’t refuse it on the plane.

2. Carry a multi-travel adapter.

When travelling to a country that uses a different plug type, bring one adapter and an extension lead or carry a handy 4 USB one international plug adapter to keep your devices charged. *check out our review of this handy affordable option*

3. Use any old card you have in your hotel room.
Many hotels now use a card system to keep the lights and plugs on to make sure you are in the room, but you don’t have to use the room key. You can use any card in it to keep your devices charging when your dipping down to the pool or have more than one guest staying. Our business cards work a treat ;)

4. Use your Hotels amenities to keep your clothes clean.
If you have been exploring a bit off the beaten track or have been at a music festival and your shoes have got dirty, use the hotel's shower cap to keep your shoes from dirtying up your clothes.

5. Use Netflix’s Download & Go feature.
 We spend a lot of time on planes and in airports and it can sometimes get a bit boring. If you have a tablet or phone and use Netflix, you can now use their download & go feature to download your favourite movies and shows to keep you or your kid occupied on that 4-hour flight.

6. Use those shades to hold your phone up.
Okay, it's no Imax cinema experience, but you can use your sunglasses you’ve already packed to hold your device up when you're watching a film in the airport or on a plane.

7. Use currency cards or non-international fee cards.
Cards like The free Revolut Card or credit cards like the Halifax Clarity card offers you no fees when using your card abroad for transactions or with cash withdrawals and you also get the MasterCard exchange rate which is normally a lot cheaper than a travel currency exchange service.

Explore our section on Best Travel Money options

8. Book the window and the aisle seat.
One of the ways to maximise your space on that cramped Boeing 747 is by booking the Window and the aisle seat if your travelling in a pair. Normally then you will get the middle seat to yourselves, But worst comes to worst and somebody sits there you just ask politely if they could swap seats with your or your travel buddy to sit beside each other.

9. Go Ninja style when booking flights and Hotels
Unfortunately, in this day and age flight and hotel companies save all of our details so the more you look at that flight the price will go up. Use A browser such as Google Chrome or Safari to go in Incognito mode to look like your a new customer.

10. Don’t be that person holding up the Security line.
When we travel we buy sealable transparent food bags that not only are a lot cheaper than some airports bag fee, but it means we can pack our liquids before we even get to the airport saving time and stress when going through security.

11. Bring your own healthy food and empty bottle on the plane.
When travelling you're limited to how much liquids you can bring but not snacks. Save money by bringing your own snacks on the plane. Not only will they be cheaper but also healthy than the plane food reducing tiredness and jet-lag.
*Also when travelling most airports have water dispensers in the airport so bring and empty plastic bottle and fill your bottle up on the other side of security.

12. Make your hotel or apartment your own.
There's nothing worse than travelling to a foreign country and not having one channel in your own language. Most hotels now will have a HDMI cable slot that you can plug your laptop or device into to watch your favourite shows. Also, most TVs now have a USB slot that you can charge your device off as well.


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