Essential Travel Tips

Essential tips to ensure you arrive at your destination fresh and ready

Feel comfortable by wearing loose clothing such as sweats or gym bottoms and take a jumper with you to keep out the cold.

If possible book your flights so your flight time coincides with your body clock.

Avoid alcohol, which has a stimulating effect, try Chamomile tea and water instead.

Eastbound journeys produce the worst type of jet lag because you lose time across zones so be aware when booking a trip.

Light exposure regulates your body clock so try wearing sunglasses during and after your flight until you are ready to face the light.

Unwind with listening to music or watch film to help you drop off.

Keep tiredness at bay by having a strategic 45-minute nap at the time you would normally be asleep at home.

Change your watch or phone to local time at your destination as soon as you board your flight to keep your mind on track.

If possible gradually adjust your sleep times towards those at your destination a few days ahead of long haul travel.

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