Venice Beach Suites & Hotel- A Surfer’s Suite Dream

Venice Beach Suites & Hotel
Built in the early 1900s, the Venice Beach Suites & Hotel is a piece of Venice Beach history, it retains much of its original architectural charm from its lift ‘Betsy’ to its exposed brick walls. It's perfect for low-maintenance tourists looking to explore the area's unique attractions while being right in the thick of the action. Rooms have plenty of charm for a value hotel, and the price is hard to beat for the location.

When we arrived, check-in was simple and the member of staff was very attentive on explaining the hotel's facilities and policies. We then got the famous 100-year-old lift called ‘Betsy’ up to our top floor room.

As soon as you enter the room it was apparent we were in for a treat with the view. Not many hotels offer such a close Beach view like Venice Beach Suites & Hotel, never mind at that affordable price.

In our room, there was a large double bed, A flat screen tv with full cable, two fans, A kitchenette with; a microwave, coffee maker, sink, fridge and a full layout of kitchen utensils. The kitchenette is extremely useful when you want to cook a quick authentic meal without having to break the bank in a nearby restaurant.

The WiFi overall was very good and we had no issues whatsoever, which was a relief as most of the hotels we stayed in on this trip had some internet issues. We easily uploaded videos and streamed films with no issues.

The beach View really makes you get up early and get straight to the sand. We got up bright and early and enjoyed the free coffee at reception and used the complimentary surfboards, towels and beach balls, which can really cost you a bit elsewhere to rent on the boardwalk.

The hotel also offered a brilliant roof-top seating area with some outstanding views during both the day and the evening. We also found out during our stay that they hold a complimentary pizza and beer night every Friday evening which seemed to be very popular with the many guests staying and really added a personal touch that made the hotel stand out from the rest.

Before arrival, we had a feeling it was going to be a bit rowdy during the day and night as many tens of thousands of people walk the Venice Boardwalk every day. Overall the noise was quite contained and the hotel's windows did a good job of controlling the noise. The only issue that we had was although it is one of the best-located hotels during the day, at night many of the local vendors and bars close shop and during the night it becomes slightly exposed with the large homeless population. Needless to say for us this wasn’t an issue and the hotel is overall very secure, but this needs to be mentioned as I know many travellers may have issues with this.

Overall the Venice Beach Suites & Hotel is an excellent hotel for the young demographics and is ideal for most travellers. Although it can be quite rowdy due to its location, but the reason you go to this hotel is the location.
The Venice Beach gets our Economy Plus rating and we hope when we are back in LA to stop by.
Price: $150-250 a night
Address: 1305 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291, USA
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