Syncwire USB 4-Port International Travel Adaptor

Syncwire 4-Port Wall Charger with UK EU US International Travel Adaptor
The one pet hate of travelling is when you forget something and your 3000 miles from home. I have been in this situation way to many times and it seems the main item that travellers forget is travel Adaptors. whether it be that you forgot them all together or just don’t have enough it can be a costly nightmare. With even more items not being rechargeable from your camera to your tablet, it seems everything comes with a USB cable and this USB charger is a must whether your Christopher Columbus or only travel once a year this charger is perfect.

The charger itself has two 2.4A sockets and two 1A sockets. The 2.4A outlets are ideal for charging tablets like the iPad or phones with bigger batteries. The 1A plugs are there to look after smaller devices like an iPod or smaller phones like the iPhone.

The device itself looks and feels solid. You wouldn't have a problem believing it cost double the current £14.99 asking price. USB cables fit into the ports snugly and the socket itself is small enough to comfortably sit on an extension cable with other devices plugged in either side.

With 3 removable US / UK / EU travel adapters to easily fit into an All-in-One travel plug, it is the best USB travel charger for business trips or travelling as it also covers the voltage 110v-220v. There hasn’t been a country I have been to yet that it hasn’t worked and we think it will stay that way.
Buy now for £12.99 and free delivery from Amazon

Also Unlike most plug adapters at Amazon, Syncwire offers a lifetime warranty for customers, just TO guarantee your valued investment.

The Syncwire 4-port USB charger plug is cheap and effective. It does exactly what you ask of it and we'd happily recommend it to everyone who travels and for anyone who doesn’t it's perfect to have at the side of your bed to charge all of your devices together. It gets our first class rating and is a first class product.


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Buy now for £14.99 and free delivery from Amazon

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