Huawei E5577 Portable Mobile Wi-Fi 4G/LTE

Huawei E5577 Portable Mobile Wi-Fi 4G/LTE
Whether you travel like Christopher Columbus or only travel once a year this accessory is not just perfect for travelling but for everyday life. The Huawei E5577 allows you to create your own Secure mobile Wi-Fi hotspot or MiFi as its commonly known now.

The E5577 follows the E5 classic design looking a bit like the predecessor models such as E5330, E5573 and E5377. Although the E5577 is thinner, faster and has better mobile capability up to 150mbps download and 50Mbps upload speed. It has been updated by the Huawei E5786 which can get up to 300Mps speed but after comparing the two, very little mobile networks are capable of that speed and you wouldn’t notice much different to say 140Mps to 190Mps.

Out of the box, the E5577 is pretty much ready to go, plug the sim card and battery in and follow the easy step by step guide. No wires, no software just a simple approach to getting the internet anywhere.

In the Box itself, you get the Huawei Mobile wifi either in black or white, a battery, USB Charging Cable, a quick start guide, and a safety information booklet. Separately you will need to buy a data sim from a mobile provider.

When the Huawei Mobile WiFi E5577 is on, users can see information from the screen such as the network providers, SSID, WiFi key, signal strength, SMS unread, battery status and WiFi connected users. The Huawei E5577 can support up to 10 wireless users to access the internet simultaneously. And one extra one could be connected with USB.

We have used the Huawei Mobile WiFi across Europe, America, and Asia and soon South America and have had no issues with over 14 different sim card providers. Although abroad isn’t the only place you can use them, In the UK we would use the EE or Three Sim card when we are in a coffee shop or somewhere where there may be wifi but it just isn’t fast enough. Just make sure to get an unlocked Huawei MiFi.

The Three 12gb- 12 months sim card is perfect for a low budget travel option due to being able to use it free of charge across Europe, Australia, Indonesia, The USA, Hong Kong and much more, (full list here).

The battery life when using it works for about 5 hours working time and 300 hours standby time. Coupled with a battery pack as it is Micro-USB this device is perfect for hours and hours of the internet when on the go.

If you are a serious traveller or have a weak signal and are thinking of using this device we would advise looking into a TS-9 Antena to boost your signal.

Overall the Huawei Mobile WiFi E5577 is the perfect accessory to travel with if you rely on the internet as in this day and age, roaming abroad can cost a small fortune. The price tag can seem quite high and it may be better to consider the E5330 which has quite a modest price of £29 but only supports 3G.
The Huawei Mobile WiFi E5577 gets our first class rating and we would highly recommend it.
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