Top Must Have Travel Gadgets Under 50 Pounds/Euros

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Top Must Have Travel Gadgets Under 50 Pounds/Euros

Whether you're climbing Mount Everest or spending a weekend in Paris, packing the right gear is a must. With the change in technology and the need to be charged and connected to the internet 24/7 travel has turned very electronic & it's more chargers and cables than books and road maps. We've been travelling for just over 6 years now and here's just some of our tried and tested must-have travel accessories for under £50/€50.

1. Anker Portable Charger Powerbank (Astro E1 5200mah external battery)

There's nothing worse than you being at one of the most beautiful places in the world and wanting to take a picture or be lost in the middle of a city and your phones died. It's important to keep your devices charged and Anker is the brand to go when you want a reliable and affordable portable battery pack, we use both the small Astro that charge your phone from dead 1-2 times regularly, then we use the Powercore 13000 and the bigger Powercore 20100 when we need to charge multiple devices and for the price tag we couldn't recommend them enough.


2.Huawei E5577 Black 4G Low-cost Travel Mobile WIFI Hotspot (MIFI)

Okay, you've got us it's not exactly under £50/€50 its little sister is though the HUAWEI E5220 at only £35 its a great way to stay connected when travelling, we normally use a Three 12GB SIM CARD which costs about 20 pounds which you put into the Mifi and it creates a wireless hotspot for 8-12 hours & with Threes Go Roam service it allows you to use that 12gb over 12 months in destinations such as USA/Europa/Indonesia (including Bali), Vietnam, New Zealand etc. (full list here) What the Mifi does is you can use a UK sim card such as the three sim card or an international sim once you arrive and it gives you access to the internet saving a fortune on roaming charges from your own network.


3. Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

It sounds so simple but whether your on a long haul flight or in a warm climate for us staying hydrated and healthy is super important, when we fly for long periods of time or are in the sun for a while we tend to get cracked lips so we find Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm is a life saver especially for under £3/€3. Or why not try the gift set.


4. Syncwire 4 Port USB Wall Charger with Interchangeable UK,USA. EU Adapter

We love this one, we actually have about 6 of them around of apartment and ones kept in our bags 24/7 as they are so handy. It saves you trekking 4 travel adapters, 4 plugs and 4 USB cables just one plug that works around the world and for under £17/€17 you really can't beat it.


5. Mpow Phone camera lenses

One of the best-priced user-friendly accessories we have bought in the last year has to be the iphone attachment lenses for your phone. We love to take photos on the go on our phones or post videos on Instagram and with these lenses it gives you change to shoot with a wide angle or fisheye. Of course, they aren't as good as a professional DSLR or mirrorless camera but for the money and size, its a handy gadget any professional or amateur photographer should have in their bag.


6. Travel Sleep Mask with Adjustable Strap and Ear Plugs

Your not yourself when your tired & there's nothing worse than travelling and not being able to sleep due to jet lag or street noise from your apartment/hotel. Somethings are just unavoidable when travelling, but if you have this wee handy mask & ear plugs combo there isn't anywhere you can't sleep. They say you can't put a price on sleep but at £5.99/€6 we think this comes in at the cheapest we've seen.


7. Anker Bluetooth Speaker- SoundCore mini

Back to the guys at Anker for this one. Everyone loves a bit of music when your travelling, now, of course, don't be that person that plays some banging dance music on the beach when everyone is chilling out but if your in your hotel/apartment or travelling long term and want to rely on a decent, small, affordable Bluetooth speaker this is the one. We have the first generation sound core mini & its a perfect little speaker that packs a serious sound punch.


8. APEMAN 4K Action Waterproof Camera

We all love sharing our travels & one of the best ways is with an action camera such as a GoPro, especially when you are at the beach or underwater the action camera is an amazing way to show your friends and family what you got up to but off course this is the best gadgets under £50/€50 so we decided to test out the Apeman action camera & to be honest we were very surprised. We have had every GoPro there is and really heavy on them for videoing underwater or just for a different angle that's not possible with a mirrorless camera. Know off course it's not as good as a GoPro but for 300 pounds cheaper it's definitely not far off. If it's just for you to or for Instagram it's more than enough, if you are doing videos for youtube or making money out of them then get a GoPro but if its value of money you want an Apeman is the way to go.






Travalo The World- The Refillable Perfume Spray

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 Travalo Refillable Perfume Atomizer Spray
When travelling you want to look and smell the best but there's always one major issue with that; you're limited to what you can bring on a plane. This is where Travalo comes in, they have invented a 5ml easy fill perfume spray that even Ryanair wouldn't have an issue with size wise. 

The Travalo perfume atomizer comes in 4 different models; Classic HD, Milano, Pearl and the Devine. All models come in various colours to match that perfect bag or purse. Made from Aircraft grade aluminum and totally free of glass this little friend is aircraft approved carry-on baggage.

We tested both the Classic HD and the Milano and true to Travalo's claims they really do refill in seconds. On the bottom of each Travalo Perfume atomizer, you will find a fillable hole which fits perfectly on nearly all perfume and aftershave bottles. 

The Innovative Genie-S 'pump to fill' works a charm with just a number of pumps it transfers the fragrance from your unfriendly sized perfume bottle to a handy pocket-sized travel accessory.  

We used the Travalo Milano for a recent trip and it lasted the whole 4 days of the trip and that's even with a generous respraying each morning, noon and night.

The only issue we were worried about was leakage and issues refilling which we've seen with other products like this. But overall we haven't had one leak. We actually found when playing about with the Travalo that not only can you refill again with a different perfume after cleaning but that Travalo has integrated a U-change removable inner vial to change in an instant. 

Both the Classic HD and the Milano are not only brilliant for travel but for everyday use in your purse, make-up bag, pocket or in your car. We love the idea of it and think it really is the future, the only issue that comes into question is the price but when you consider how much it costs for a large and smaller travel sized bottle of your favourite spray over time you really can see a massive saving not only in money but in space.

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