Top Destinations Of 2018


Top Destinations of 2018

1. Reykjavik, Iceland
Recently An increasing numbers of tourists are heading to Reykjavík for the city’s arts scene, cool nightlife and the abundance of natural wonders that lie right on its doorstep. With the increase in cheap flights from such companies as WOW Air and Easyjet, this beautiful city is more accessible than ever leaving it the up-and-coming destination of 2018.

2. Mexico City, Mexico
When most think of Mexico City the first thing that comes to mind is “Isn’t it dangerous?” But so long as you take the same precautions you would in any large city, the answer is no. Mexico’s bustling capital and economic powerhouse can be a fun and safe destination. With its Hip neighbourhoods, incredible architecture, lively street markets and diverse culture makes this lovable city a must stop destination. Mexico City’s energy is almost addictive and with flights coming down in price from the UK and Europe it can be the ultimate money saving holiday.

3. Seoul, South Korea

If you haven’t visited Asia’s mighty hub of pop culture, it’s about time you did. Beyond the billboard k-popper’s and the glass towers of Gangnam, Seoul has a vibrant culture that much of the world is just beginning to discover. Far more than just chic cafés and Korean craft brews, the city is home to graffiti-covered basement bars and hidden restaurants serving both traditional and fusion cuisines. With the 2018 Winter Olympics looming, now is the time to experience Korea’s capital before the crowds take over.

4. Ljubljana, Slovenia
Winning the well-deserved award of European Green Capital of 2017, the elegant Slovenian capital boasts a wealth of green spaces. If you’re feeling green yourself, the car-free centre is perfect to explore by bicycle, or else you can navigate a stand-up paddle-board along the gorgeously green Ljubljanica river that flows through the centre. Low prices mean you can find brilliant budget food and accommodation options without compromising on quality, plus it’s just a hop to the country’s stunning mountains, vineyards and beaches.

5. Wrocław, Poland
After a devastating flood in the 1990s Wroclaw hasn’t really been heard of, until now. Painstakingly rebuilt to its former glory explore the restored churches, Flemish-style mansions and rich palaces. Though Wroclaw has yet to attract the large crowds of other Polish hotspots such as Kraków or Warsaw, it’s all set to change with its title as European Capital of Culture. Join the lively student population and scores of Nobel Prize winners who call Wroclaw home, as plenty of special events run throughout the year alongside the many arts festivals that earned the city its reputation as a cultural hub.

6. Nashville, Tennessee, USA
As one of the fastest growing cities in the US, change is in the air for Nashville. This famously conservative place has experienced a huge surge in young professionals, who have brought new life to the city’s more liberal, artsy side. It’s an exciting time for the city, but culturally Nashville’s soul remains unchanged: a fierce love of southern cooking and deep passion for music still prevail. This year, take a trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park to go firefly watching, before kicking back with fried chicken and a night at a classic honky-tonk.

7. Amsterdam, Netherlands
With a new London to Amsterdam Eurostar service set to start in 2017, the Dutch capital is about to get a whole lot more accessible, if it wasn’t already by air. Amsterdam’s compact streets and winding canals make it a wondrous place to visit with its historical buildings and strong art galleries and museums. Amsterdam is ‘naughty but nice’, with a lax attitude towards all the guilty pleasures you could dream up. So stuff your face with delicious foods, wander the windows of the red light district and relax in an Amsterdam café.

8. Bangkok, Thailand
With an increase in tourism over the last year and with UK flights getting cheaper, Bangkok is becoming a popular destination for many Europeans alike. A larger-than-life city where magnificent temples, historic markets, skyscrapers and rooftop bars create an intoxicating vibe that’s hard to resist. A blend of the traditional and the modern, Bangkok's every street has a surprise in store.

9. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
New North American and transatlantic flight routes continue to roll out of Vancouver as airlines try to meet the world’s demand to visit this truly stunning city. Thought to be Canada’s most liveable city, with a temperate climate and wraparound views of snow-capped peaks, it’s also the country’s most expensive. But that hasn’t stopped a host of exciting independent attractions from popping up. Amidst the new microbreweries and restaurants making international waves. A gateway to the slopes of Whistler and the rainforests of Vancouver Island, this city is a must-visit all year-round.

10. Agra, India
India’s majestic former Mughal capital is too often experienced in brief as a traveller’s day trip from Delhi to the Taj Mahal. But there’s much more to enjoy here, extravagant monuments and tombs lining the Yamuna River bank, the Taj Mahotsav arts festival held in February and the crumbling Mughal gardens dotted across the city. Making this a must see destination when touring India.


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